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by Абдраимова Айдана - Tuesday, 24 September 2019, 5:06 PM

ВНИМАНИЕ: Данные вакансии только для выпускников 2016-2020


Junior Consultant, Data Science, Digital Village


Job Description

We are a dynamic tribe that consists of hunters, innovators, entrepreneurs, strategists, geeks, industry experts, and of course, a village chief. We create new growth opportunities and drive efficiency by directly generating or enabling innovation and the adoption of disruptive technologies.


—   Educated from Information Security, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Robotics, Data Engineering;

—   Understanding of Data Mining, Data Engineering, Data Normalization, Data Clustering and Classification, NLP, Deep Learning;

—   Ability to discuss mathematical formulations, alternatives and impact of decisions on modeling approach;

—   Knowledge of at least 2 programming languages with DS/ML Related libraries: Python/R (with Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Theano, SKLearn, Keras etc.), Matlab, C, C++, SQL;

—   Other skills: Web-scraping, Web-crawling;

—   Knowledge and understanding of basic principles of RPA (Blueprism or UIPath).


—   Data mining from various resources; Data labeling;

—   Develop RPA Tools and Automations;

—   Recommend and implement ways to improve/maintain data reliability, efficiency and quality;

—   Provide and implement to improve data mining processes.



Junior Consultant, Fixed Assets and real Estate Valuation


Job Description

KPMG  integrated team of specialists helps to solve the problems faced by property owners and real estate investors, property development companies and real estate investment funds, as well as companies for which real estate property is a non-core asset.


—   Participating in projects regarding valuation of fixed assets and real estate (buildings, equipment etc.) including international clients;

—   Analyzing enterprise construction costs;

—   Creating models based on large amounts of data;

—   Analyzing operating processes in various industries;

—   Dealing with technical documentation.


—   University degree or graduate-year student (technical background preferably or engineer);

—   Basic understanding of valuation methods;

—   Excel, Power Point;

—   Full-time occupation only








Intern, Audit Department,

Almaty, Nur-Sultan,Bishkek


Job Description

Audit provides the core foundation knowledge to a successful career in business as well as developing valuable technical skills, broad commercial understanding and an in-depth knowledge of different industry sectors. You will have an opportunity to become an integral part of the audit team, creating internal networks and developing relationships with clients. 
—   Examination of previous audit results and understanding of the processes specific for the particular client;
—   Reconciliation of account balances with credit institutions in the accounting client with the data bank;
—   Check for the balance sheet date of certain assets and for the accuracy of their value reflection;
—   Confirmation of an accurate and complete list of vendors;
—   Study of the inventory methods used by the client;
—   Conducting a test of inventory;
—   Testing of existing processes and controls.
 —   Be a last-year student or graduating in 2018-2020;
—   Willingness to develop a career in audit;
 —   Fluency in English;
—   Readiness for intensive work;
—   Ability to work full-time and availability to go for business trips.
 Internship details: 
—   Start date: December 2019;
 —   Duration: till March-April 2020;
 —   Internship is full-time and paid;
—   Upon successful completion of the internship, you might eligible for job offer to Assistant 1 position (commencing April 2019 or September 2019)



Intern, Financial Risk Management


Job Description

Our Financial Risk Management practice focuses on providing key Financial Services industry players with solutions that help business adjust to rapidly changing regulatory and market conditions by implementation of new standards, automation of business and re-engineering of internal processes.


—   Assessment and development of quantitative financial risk assessment methodologies
—   Review and development of the client’s risk management system
—   Basel capital adequacy framework planning and implementation
—   Capital allocation methodology review and implementation
—   Implementation of new reporting standards for major banks and corporations including transition to IFRS 9
—   Reengineering of business processes


—   Higher education (Mathematics,  Economics or Technical) with decent GPA
—   Skills of working with large data sets, ability to calculate and analyze, statistical indicators and econometric models
—   Knowledge of SAS, Matlab, R
—   Skills in Excel with VBA, as well as R, SAS, Mathlab, etc
—   Good working knowledge of English (at least intermediate)
—   Good communication skills


Junior Consultant, Corporate Finance

Almaty, Nur-Sultan

Job Description

KPMG Corporate Finance has extensive transaction and industry experience, which enables them to understand the issues and challenges our clients face. Our experienced professionals provide objective insight at every step of the transaction process, including analyzing strategic options, assessing value, structuring the deal, designing mechanisms for presenting the deal to the marketplace, managing the transaction process, and negotiating and securing the optimal terms for a successful closing.


—   Participation in different stages of M&A/Financing/ Valuation and other Deal Advisory projects;

—   Data collection on target companies/potential investors, market research conducting;

—   Assistance in drafting deliverable documents (business plans, information memoranda, etc.);

—   Assistance in financial modeling;

—   Analyze financial and operational data of companies under investigation;

—   Preparation of presentations and pitching materials for potential clients;

—   Assistance in drafting contracts and other project-related/risk management documents.



—   Last year student/graduate (preferably in Finance);

—   Understanding of financial statements and valuation methods/concepts (NPV, IRR, WACC, FCFF, FCFE, etc.);

—   Proficient MS Office user (Excel, Power Point, Word and Outlook);

—   Relevant work/internship experience is an advantage;

—   Preparation for ACCA/CFA qualification is an advantage